The ultimate adventure dog

truths about life off leash

Adventure has become the standard. From the time I brought her home at 8 weeks old, Luna has been on the go with me. Like an energetic bunny, she’s got a jump in her step when up for the day, reminding me to always start fresh. She’ll sneeze when excited, whine when I haven’t thrown the frisbee enough, and doesn’t hold back with the sassy comments. After logging over 5,000 miles on long-distance trails with me over the past three years, she's still asking for more. 

Luna pushes me to stay true to my values. But traveling with a dog doesn’t come without it’s sacrifices and logistical challenges. Though for all the added responsibility and dirt she brings with her, I can’t imagine not having Luna’s loyal, joyous energy with me. 

This dog loves to move - it’s in her Australian Shepherd genes. I promised to give her a happy life. One of mud, snow, rocks, cold streams, and ever-changing circumstances. The smell of a pack of dirty hikers makes her butt wiggle to no end, and turns on something inside of her, telling her that this is her place-  On the trail, with the outdoors as her playground and her people always in sight.