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A life of adventure and companionship. From the time I brought her home at 8 weeks old, Luna has been on the go with me. She’ll sneeze when excited, whine when the backpacks or bikes come out, and doesn’t hold back with the sassy comments. After logging over 7,000 miles on long-distance trails with me, she's still asking for more. At 5 years old, some of Luna’s greatest accomplishments are her speedy thru-hike on the Continental Divide Trail in 2017 and being the first dog (we think) that paddled the entire Northern Forest Canoe Trail in 2018.

Traveling with an endurance dog doesn’t come without it’s sacrifices, training and logistical challenges. Though for all the added responsibility and dirt she brings with her, I can’t imagine not having Luna’s loyal, joyous energy with me. 

This dog loves to move - it’s in her Australian Shepherd genes. I promised to give her a happy life. One of mud and adventure. So that’s what we’re doing: hiking, biking and paddling our tails off, which turns on her working drive, telling her that this is her purpose-  On the trails, with me by her side the outdoors as her playground.

Curious what it takes to train and carry out a thru-hike, thru-paddle or other adventure with your pup? I’d love to hear from you