Setting the Bar Too High

Pleasing this dog can be difficult. Because well, her expectations are remarkably high. In the first 4 years of her life, I’ve set the bar to a level that is difficult to keep up. Which sadly, leaves her disappointed with anything less than a highly stimulating day. 

She’d spend the entire day outside if she could; running around, playing, swimming. She even prefers to nap outdoors. Luna was a campus puppy and got used to lots of people and action concurrently. Always some favorable humans to play with or small animals to chase. When we’re hiking, there is constant stimulation and exercise. So, the battle becomes trying to meet this need on a daily basis. 

So how can I meet this bar that seems remarkably unreachable at times? I’ve learned to see it as a beautiful thing: A push; a daily kick in the ass. Because frankly, I have those same needs. I have a need for being outside and smelling the plants. I have a need for play and movement. I have a need for freedom. A need for social interactions with people old and new. A need to pee outside. 

Having a dog who has knows what it’s like to live freely and love big can be a challenge. But it’s a reminder to never settle for less. To never settle for less than what I know happiness to be.